How does it work?

Meet your Stylist is designed to match Stylists with new clients that are the best fit for them.  This goes beyond their talent behind the chair.  This reaches the inner core of each person.  Meet Your Stylist was created to benefit the Stylist’s choice of clients versus the other way around.  Meaning, the professionals choose who they do their best work with.  And because we’re creative, emotional humans, this custom survey syncs them with clients that are the best fit based on personality styles and RELATIONSHIP preferences!

When your salon joins the community of Meet Your Stylist salons, you will have a unique link on your website that will allow clients to take your very own Meet Your Stylist survey. Clients that take your Meet Your Stylist survey will be matched with their top three Stylists at your salon. They will be encouraged to book an appointment right then!

Your salon will receive an email notification when a client is matched with your stylists. You will see what services they were looking for, and you will see their preference on communicating, which is either by phone or by email. You will have the ability to reach out to them to offer them an appointment based on the availability of their matches! Click here to sign up!

How many stylists can I have on my account?

You can add as many stylists as you have but you are required to add a minimum of 5 stylists in order to complete your account.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We will enter into the most important agreement of your life. Joking aside…no, we will have you agree to our terms but this is a month to month agreement. You can cancel at any time but we believe you won’t want to you, unless of course you’re scared of commitment.

Why do I have to give you my credit card info if my first month is complimentary?

Could you tell us a time that you’ve been able to subscribe to a new service without having to secure your future? Because that is what every smart online company does. And we’re no exception. Oh, and your subscription will automatically begin after your complimentary month.

Why do you require a 30 day notice prior to cancellation if you have a 30 day free trial?

Let’s be clear, we don’t intend for our complimentary month to be treated as a “free trial”. In fact, we avoid that verbiage on purpose! Instead, view this as your ramp-up period. We want to give you those first 30 days to get set up so that by the time you are paying for our services, you are able to get a return on your investment! We require a 30 day notice prior to cancellation simply because it takes time to completely disable your account.

How do people know how to get to the survey to fill it out? How/where do you promote it?

Similar to having a Facebook page, you’ll have a Meet Your Stylist (MYS) web page.  This means you can direct future and returning clients to your page via your website, email marketing, social media sites, etc…When you join the MYS community, you’ll be given the 5 ways to promote your MYS page. It’s easy and becomes automatic!

How do you promote individual stylists? How do you set them up?

We recommend promoting individual stylists on your social media sites and in marketing emails. We’ll give you the exact ways to do this in your starter guide! An easy example to understand today though is, imagine you see an Instagram post of a beautiful balayage done by “Abby” at your salon. You would definitely encourage people to click the MYS link below to see if Abby is the best stylist for them!

How long do I have to commit for when I sign up?

For once in our lives, can we make a deal that’s not complicated? The answer is, yes! Hence we don’t have contracts—we do business with those who have the same successful mindsets.

Can I integrate this with my POS (Point of Sale system)?

We can easily play in the same sandbox with your POS system—we will show you how to easily import your match lists! We do not offer direct integration because we don’t want to be restricted to working with any one company.

What kind of data can I get from this? Are there any reports or information I can view?

We’d thought you’d never ask! Absolutely there is. You’re going to be able to see all the clients that fill out your MYS survey, and who they get matched with.

What information can my stylists see?

Your stylists will only be able to see their head shot image, their bio, and their survey. They do not have access to the salon’s account, nor will they see match submissions or client information.

How do I control who gets matched?

You will control which stylists on your team you’d like to be available for matches. You control this in your account settings.

Do you have options for spas or nail techs?

We have the ability to match clients to hair stylists and makeup artists. This is our jam! And as research shows, clients are more willing to see whomever is available when it comes to nails and spa services, whereas, they want to build a relationship with their hair stylist. We keep the main thing the main thing.

How can I track if a client comes in and converts?

We will teach you how to track your conversions. You may do this on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The only requirement is having a salon POS system where your client data base lives. We’ll show you the rest.

How do I integrate the data from MYS with my system to track it?

We will show you how to import your lists and what to do to track new clients that are from your Meet Your Stylist link!

How do you handle booking clients that fill out the survey?

Great question! When a client fills out your MYS survey, you will receive an email notification. Within the notification you will see if they prefer to be contacted via email or via phone. In the starter guide you receive when you join MYS, you will be given exact verbiage for your follow-ups. In other words, we have thought of everything.

Why would I use Meet Your Stylist rather than do this on my own?

Unless you have an extensive background knowledge of physiology, behavioral economics, software algorithm development skills, and thousands of dollars, the likelihood of you developing a tool that is NOT just a linear matching survey is slim to none. Therefore, your results would be as shallow as the brain behind your own version. But take no offense! We could’ve kept this secret to ourselves, but we decided to share what we’ve done so you will be smart, innovative and successful as well!