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The Heart of the Matter

Meet Your Stylist was created by a salon owner who wanted to find a solution for client retention. Did you know the national average retention rate for new clients is just under 30%?!  After developing the Meet Your Stylist software, their salon’s retention rate is now consistently over 80%!  And that’s from the most seasoned professional to the brand new talent. Huge!

MYS_AboutUsKatiMeet The Founder

Hi I’m Kati Whitledge and I’m the founder of Meet Your Stylist. I have developed the new way to get new clients to visit your salon! Meet Your Stylist was named, 2017’s Best Marketing Campaign at the Business Excellence Forum in Houston, Texas. I want to tell you why. It’s because it’s the best marketing strategy I’ve ever used, and I want you to have it too.

I originally created Meet Your Stylist as a way to control the experience of our first time clients. We used to have embarrassing new client retention rates. I wondered why new clients would visit once and never again? It was because I used to book clients based on the stylists’ experience, service specialties and more often, based on their availability. It wasn’t working. Have you been there?

Once I realized there was a new way to make sure new clients would be booked with stylists that were the best fit for them all-around—personality and lifestyle preferences included—I started to market the crap out of it!

Let me share that in the past I have spent money on other marketing strategies. We’ve done print ads, expos, radio—you name it! We’ve tried them all. And all of them gave us some new clients. They weren’t a complete waste; they just didn’t have the marketing magic that Meet Your Stylist does. Meet Your Stylist blew all of our expectations out of the water. We started getting a crazy amount of client survey submissions every month. And as a result, we were converting more new clients per month than I have ever had with any other marketing campaign! This was why we won Best Marketing Campaign of the year.

If you like numbers, you’ll like this. During our slowest month (January), we had 139 Meet Your Stylist survey submissions come through our website. Out of 139 submissions, we converted 46 clients!  Another reason I had to share Meet Your Stylist with you.  It was as if I went from flying coach to first class. I won’t ever go back!  And you won’t either.

I also knew that it wasn’t just about having a survey on our website. Of course, our survey is physiologically savvy—there’s a smart strategy behind Meet Your Stylist—what I like to call the secret sauce.  But it’s not why we’re so successful. We’re successful because we do five simple things to market the fact that we have Meet Your Stylist! It’s fail proof! There’s no salon out there who couldn’t do what I’ve done. You’ll have the firsthand knowledge of everything I’ve done, and you’ll have it before any of your competitors; if you don’t sit on your hands too long…

The most important thing I can share with you is why I ultimately love Meet Your Stylist. It’s because my stylists’ success is my success. My purpose is to offer the best career path possible for those who have chosen the beloved beauty industry. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, don’t waste any more time with old strategies that have given you mediocre results.

Truth Be Told

Has your Salon ever lost clients due to any of these reasons?

  • Client visits once and seemed to enjoy the visit but never rebooked again
  • Stylists went on maternity leave
  • Stylists left or were terminated
  • Stylists earned a raise and outpriced their clients
  • Stylists became so busy that their availability didn’t line up with the clients

If you said “YES” to any of these, we get it!  And that’s why we’re sharing Meet Your Stylist with you today 🙂

How it works:

Meet your Stylist is designed to match Stylists with new clients that are the best fit for them.  This goes beyond their talent behind the chair.  This reaches the inner core of each person.  Meet Your Stylist was created to benefit the Stylist’s choice of clients versus the other way around.  Meaning, the professionals choose who they do their best work with.  And because we’re creative, emotional humans, this custom survey syncs them with clients that are the best fit based on personality styles and RELATIONSHIP preferences!

When your salon joins the community of Meet Your Stylist salons, you will have a unique link on your website that will allow clients to take your very own Meet Your Stylist survey. Clients that take your Meet Your Stylist survey will be matched with their top three Stylists at your salon. They will be encouraged to book an appointment right then!

Your salon will receive an email notification when a client is matched with your stylists. You will see what services they were looking for, and you will see their preference on communicating, which is either by phone or by email. You will have the ability to reach out to them to offer them an appointment based on the availability of their matches!

What We Believe


We believe the key to substantial success lies beyond the technique!  Do you agree? Our sister company, Beyond The TechniqueTM is your salon advocate. We guide, develop and encourage salon owners and their teams to be successful beyond their time behind the chair. We provide education through our podcast, blog posts, virtual coaching sessions and in-house classes for your entire salon team!


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